What the F*ck?

  • Four f*cked up game versions
  • Hours of drinking fun
  • Players reveal personalities
  • Always crazy, never boring

Sometimes people are sitting around drinking, looking for ways to have fun. They might want to get a little crazy, or at least think about getting crazy. Examples could be a bachelorette or bachelor party, sitting in a bar on a boring weeknight, or hanging in the garage on Friday night. Alcohol is consumed, stupid stuff seems funny and funny stuff is hilarious.

At these times, you would reach for “What the F*ck?” if you owned it. You might try to actually play the game, which is simple and worth doing, or just start reading from the books. Either way, you’ll soon be answering some revealing questions that will lead to a lot of finger pointing and raucous laughter.

Brian Pellham, owner of Kheper Games and author of What the F*ck?, knows how to give you an impossible choice. He asks a question with two answers, neither good, yet your choice reveals something about you. There’s a lot of inspired grossness involved. For example:

What contest would you rather compete in?

a. A semen-filled balloon toss

b. A menstrual blood-filled balloon toss

It’s a dilemma, right? Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, you’ve got one sick choice to make here, and either way you’re in trouble. The only salvation is that everyone playing is making the same sick choices.

The questions and choices fall into a dozen categories repeated throughout the What the F*ck? series. By the end of the game, you’ve located everyone along a continuum in such categories as:

  1. Skankiness (who would you blow?)
  2. Prostitutiness (who would you blow for money?)
  3. Exhibitionism
  4. Tolerance for disgustingness
  5. Bizarreness
  6. Alcoholism
  7. Kinkiness
  8. Need to be famous
  9. Need for money
  10. Gayness

The inevitable “take a drink” penalty for losing a round could make the game either complete or completely unplayable after about an hour, which may or may not be appropriate for the occasion. You decide!

Here’s some other What the F*ck? questions.

Would you be willing to sand off your nipple’s for $100, 000?

a. Yes

b. No

How would you rather die?

a. Get buried alive

b. Drowning in a giant lake of snot

What would you rather use as a puppet while performing a show for your neighbors?

a. Moist pieces of cat poo

b. Roadkill

There are four versions of What the F*ck?:

I. Original

II. Totally fucked up

III. Filthy Questions

IV. Raunchy

Each game includes two different question books, dice, and playing chips. 

One final example question:

Where would you prefer to live for a year?

a. In Detroit

b. Underneath a sitting bench in a Turkish bathhouse

Now that’s just unfair, but in the right contex, funny. At least Detroit has a reputation, compared to Seattle, which is, what, rainy?

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